Superior Training for Minimally Invasive Pain Management Procedures


For today’s interventional pain physician, Racz Lab offers one of the best professional continuing medical education workshops. Led by Dr. Gabor Racz, an innovator in modern pain medicine, workshop participants are exposed to techniques developed and perfected through decades of hands-on clinical experience by a team of luminary physicians.

Participants learn Epidural Lysis of Adhesions, Specialty Procedures, Nerve Block Techniques, Coding and Practice Management, relevant Medico-Legal Topics, Cryoanalgesia, Catheter Guided Cervical Injections, and much more. Class sizes are kept small, allowing for maximum instructor- student interaction. The lab is professional and friendly. Open dialogue and information exchanges are the foundation of the program. Racz Lab is truly international with events held in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East.

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