Superior Training for Minimally Invasive Pain Management Procedures

Interventional Pain Workshop

Racz Lab offers training for pain management physicians and hands-on experience with many of the latest techniques in pain management. Please join us and improve your skills at The Interventional Pain Workshop with Dr. Gabor Racz.


Join Dr. Gabor B. Racz in the lab on September 29-30, 2023
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Recordings available from the Oct 2, 2021 workshop for $99.
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Workshop topics vary from region to region. Be sure to attend a pain workshop wherever offered.
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RACZ EDU Educational Program

Racz EDU covers a different pain topic each month. This program is fully sponsored by Epimed with no cost to physicians.

More Than Just a Workshop

Lectures by Luminary Physicians

Dr. Gabor Racz’s lab attracts pain physicians from across the globe to learn from one of the best known leaders in the field of interventional pain medicine. Lab instructors are selected from a palate of lifelong-earned career relationships and are matched to topics based on experience and practice. Topics focus on the treatment of cervical and thoracic pain, e.g. Epidural Lysis of Adhesions (also known as the Racz Procedure).

Practical Training

Lab training is conducted in real-world surgical facilities using cadavers and fluoroscopic imaging. The instruction focuses on helping physicians build confidence, and to help them perform learned procedures with an emphasis on patient safety.

Hands-on Experience

There is no substitute for practical, hands-on instruction. Racz Lab allows attendees to actually perform procedures with ample time to learn the nuances and safety protocols required of each. This relaxed approach is purposeful, engendering confidence in each attendee to perform learned procedures at their individual practices.

Dinner and Discussion

The night before the lab, attendees are encouraged to attend the welcome dinner. This provides a great opportunity for physicians to meet and get to know fellow participants in a relaxed, celebratory setting.

Reimbursement Lecture

Racz Lab provides vital information about coding and billing, payer policies, and practice management. Learn about practice marketing and building coalitions with societies to secure the long-term acceptance of the power of interventional pain medicine.


The lab was created to be an open environment of learning, incorporating open dialog among participants to foster learning. All lectures are followed by question and answer sessions led by instructors. Physicians learn skills and acquire unique knowledge of interventional pain procedures from the brightest clinicians in the field, all in one convenient location.

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