Interventional Pain Workshop of Minimally Invasive Pain Management Procedures

The Racz Lab offers superior training for pain management physicians and hands-on experience with many of the latest techniques in pain management. Please join us and improve your skills at The Interventional Pain Workshop with Dr. Gabor Racz.

More Than Just A Workshop

Dr. Racz’s Interventional Pain Workshop is interactive, incorporating open dialog for physicians to learn from one another. This open format allows for the sharing of knowledge and experience of pain management. Lectures are followed by Q&A sessions, and all attendees will receive hands-on training involving several pain management techniques. You can learn, perfect your skills, and share your knowledge with other professionals all in one location.

Lectures by Luminary Physicians

The workshop brings together luminary physicians to teach and share relevant topics about current pain management techniques. Attendees will attend lectures given by experienced pain management professionals. Topics include procedures to address neck and back pain, such as Epidural Lysis of Adhesions.

Dinner and Discussion

We offer dinner and drinks to enjoy with other attendees, while discussing topics related to your scope of practice. This private dinner gives the teaching physicians and the attendees a better opportunity to become acquainted with one another and converse on a more personal level.

Practical Training

Attendees are exposed to multiple surgical rooms with cadavers and fluoroscopic imaging, providing realistic training on procedures taught by experienced physicians. Cadaver training provides the most realistic platform for physicians to practice procedures that they will implement in their practice. The main focus of these workshops is to increase physicians’ confidence to the highest level, allowing them to perform these life changing procedures with optimal safety.

Hands On Experience

Hands-on training sets the standard for educating physicians for any procedure. The Racz lab provides all attendees the needed time to perform all of the procedures demonstrated and introduce safer procedural techniques. This non-rushed approach provides attendees with confidence, knowing they can perform these novel techniques in their practice.


Reimbursement Lecture

Our Director of Reimbursement and Physician Services discusses current coding and billing topics relevant to pain management procedures. This lecture helps physicians and their staff obtain better understanding of payor policies, procedure coding, and overall practice management.